Question on DELV control

Hi again ! 

I have a question about the use of the Deliverability well control : 

What is the parameter HG in the GENER keyword used for ? What happens when it's defaulted ? 

(HG  thickness of layer, m; wells on deliverability with specified bottomhole pressure only)



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  • Similar to calculating transmissivity, there is not a default value for HG. You need to provide the thickness of that grid block for DELV

  • Hi,

    Sorry for performing thread necromancy. I was wondering about the case of a horizontal well. Should HG still be the height of the cell in such a case?

    Would it be possible to briefly explain for which purpose Tough uses this HG?


  • The obvious candidate for the need for HG is computing the hydrostatic pressure difference between completions.

    But, if that is the case, should it not be the vertical distance from the next or previous completion, rather than the width of the ambient cell? It's not the same thing at all.

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