Jacobian in TOUGH2-MP


Is it possible to extract Jacobian matrix from TOUGH2-MP at each iteration step?

Is it stored as sparse form?

It wound be great if there is a way I can call the Jacobian subroutine to compute the Jacobian for me, by taking any vector as input, e.g. J(x), and the output is a Jacobian matrix of sparse form.  Anyone has done that?


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    • George_Pau
    • 10 yrs ago
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    Hi Judith,

    The jacobian are being constructed explicitly so theoretically you can.  But, there is currently no interface to do that.  It is stored in a sparse format, but jacobian is constructed locally on each processor.  Writing it out in a manner that makes sense will require some work.  

    If you are interested, the jacobian is contained with the "aval" variable after you call MULTI in Main_Comp.f90.  For the exact format in which aval is stored, you can refer to the TOUGH2-MP user guide under section 3.    

    • Judith_Li
    • 10 yrs ago
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    Thank you!

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