RTSOL keyword. Problem 4 (*rtp7*) - CO2 Injection using ECO2N for TOUGH2-MP

Hi! I am using TOUGH2-MP with the ECO2N module.

In the install directory "eco2n/rtp7", I find the INFILE for the test case " Problem 4 (*rtp7*) - CO2 Injection into a 2-D Layered Brine Formation".


However, this INFILE is slightly different from that given in the ECO2N user manual. I suspect the difference is due to that I use TOUGH2-MP, whereas the INFILE given on page 58 in the manual is for TOUGH2?


Anyway, I have a question regarding the RTSOL keyword in this INFILE.


RTSOL prec      rtol info iplvl nitmx nort kacc  iredb
    1.0e-6       0.1    0    1  250   15    2    0
     1.e-5     1.e15     100.0      100.      2.00      0.20       0.2    0


In Record RTSOL.2, we find the two fields DSTNOM and   DXTMAX, however only DSTNOM seems to be documented in the TOUGH2-MP user's guide on page 50. It says: 

 maximum allowable saturation change per time step (default=0.2).

As can be seen, this value was initially set to 100.0.

I wonder, why was this set so high? I thought saturation would stay between 0 and 1.


Last question: What is the purpose of DXTMAX, and why is it also set to 100.0 ?

( I suspect, my confusion is related to mistake in the ordering of the fields on page 50 in the TOUGH2-MP user's guide. Here it gives the following ordering for RTSOL.2:

Format (7F10.3,I5)


So DXTMAX should be field number 4, from the INFILE it seems that the correct position should be field number 6 or 7 (since these have a 0.2 value))

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    • George_Pau
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    Hi Hakon,

    Only the first and the third are actually used. The rest are for a solver that is not bundled with TOUGH2-MP since it is proprietary. In addition, setting DSTNOM to 100 inactivates the criterion where a solution step is restricted by the maximum change in saturation. You can use any arbitrarily large value for this purpose of course.


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