Using EXT to extract zones ; list of zones in a file specified by the flag '-z file.out'.

Hello everyone, I am using EXT to extract output data for TECPLOT visualisation.

i want to have differents zones for my tecplot file, but i can't have the specific format for '-z filename'. any suggestion ? or example of extracting differents zones in output file ???

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  • Hello,

    I don't know EXT but from the documentation, it seems that it splits every time steps in your output file in separate files. Do you mean that you want to have the different time steps in the same TECPLOT file as different zones?

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  • I have the same problem as Keurfon, not sure what you meant by "extracting zones"

    Please be specific, what you need to do and tell us what you are using, i.e., TOUGH2 or TOUGH3.



    • Yingqi Zhang thank you for your replay,

      i'm using iTOUGH, and i use EXT to visualise data, i want that my output has the ability to know ( zones) regions. and materials, and so i will have the ability to manage each region  ( name of material) in TECPLOT

      to be more specific i want a format of the '-z filename'

    • Abdellah Amri I quickly looked at the source code. It is reading 'filename' as a single string and looks for white spaces. A blind guess would be that 'filename' should contain a line with the names of the elements that you want to extract separated by white spaces, e.g. "AA000 AA001 AA002"...

  • Hello,

    I have never used -z filename when I used ext. However, to do what you want to do, you could simple make a MESH file that only includes elements that have the material name you want assigned to them, and delete all the others (you need to do this only in block ELEME - don't worry about the CONNE block). Under unix, you could use grep to accomplish this easily. Then take this MESH file to run ext and extract files for Tecplot. You would need to repeat that procedure for each material.

    Try it.


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  • Keurfon Luu Yingqi Zhang ,

    thank you all  for your suggestions i will try to follow them

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