How to confirm mole fractions of injected CO2 and SO2


I'm new to Toughreact codes. I'm simulating 1-D flow through a rock sample of dimension 50mmx100mm. CO2 is injected with SO2 impurity (10% of CO2 volume fraction) for 24 hours (1 day) and the simulation was set for 1000 days to observe how the porosity and permeability would change. To maintain pressure in the material during the simulation I set the boundaries grid block volume to 0.25E+50m^3. In the gas.tec file, I could not confirm the mole fractions of CO2 and SO2 as they appear different from my specification in the chemical.inp file. I have attached the simulation files. Please how do I confirm the the mole fractions and volumes of CO2 and SO2 injected and throughout the simulation run?





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