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I am trying to visualize pressure and temperature results for 3D model that has initial pressure and temperature values described by hydrostatic pressure and geothermal temperature gradient, respectively. Attached is a photo of temperature results at end of simulation using Paraview by exporting the excel file of the results into VTK file and open it using Paraview. I wonder if there is a way to illustrate change in temperature (T(@ time) - T (initial)) at any time.


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    • Keurfon_Luu
    • 3 yrs ago
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    import toughio
    outputs = toughio.read_output("OUTPUT_ELEME.csv")
    T0 = 10.0 + 0.03 * outputs[0].data["Z"]
    for output in outputs:
      output.data["DTEMP"] = output.data["TEMP"] - T0
    toughio.write_output("OUTPUT_ELEME_DELTA.csv", outputs)

    Then, just use "toughio-export" with the new file.

    In this example, I assumed an initial geothermal gradient of 30 degrees C/km and a temperature at z = 0.0 m of 10 degrees C. It's probably different for your problem. If you have run a steady state simulation and use the SAVE file as INCON for your actual simulation, it would probably be better to import "T0" array from this SAVE file.

    Note that for the former case (linear), you can also use ParaView's built-in calculator to create a new data array.

      • Keurfon_Luu
      • 3 yrs ago
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      Keurfon Luu My bad, the gradient should be negative since Z is negative:

      T0 = 10.0 - 0.03 * outputs[0].data["Z"]
    • Refaat_G_Hashish
    • 3 yrs ago
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    I would like to know how to display the results in the surface plot (above) on logarithmic scale of X.

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