Running sample problem 7

On page 109 of the User's Guide, it is mentioned that 'Small changes were made in subroutine GXYZ of the MESHMAKER module meshm.f to obtain the domain assignments' but the changes themselves have not been mentioned.

I've been trying to run this example on Windows 10 but the command prompt gives out the error:

forrtl: severe(64): input conversion error, unit -4, file CONIN$

Please suggest how to proceed. Thank you. 

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  • Hi Neelotpal,

    Are you trying to recreate the MESHMAKER step rather than using the MESH that is already provided in file r2dl?

    At any rate, the error message indicates that you have a formatting error. The problem is that you use tabulators in your MESHM block. Tab stops are not allowed in TOUGH2 - replace them with the appropriate number of blanks as prescribed in the format statements of Appendix F.

    Even if you correct for this error, do not expect this to run, because - as you pointed out - you would need to make some changes to the ELEME block so it has the appropriate material number assigned to each element. You can either (1) customize subroutine GXYZ, as suggested in the manual, (2) make the modification by hand (use ENDFI instead of ENDCY, then edit file MESH and assign the appropriate material names or numbers in columns 16-20 of block ELEME, so you obtain the same ELEME block as already given to you in file r2dl), or (3) use the ELEME and CONNE blocks that are already provided in file r2dl (attached).

    Hope this helps.


  • Dear Stefan,

    Thank you very much for the suggestions. I am a very basic user of the TOUGH2 and still trying to understand the package. Fortunately, I have been able to figure out the issues in the input files and have resolved them. But, could you please tell me how to generate visualizations (plots) from the outputs that I'm generating? 

  • Neelotpal,

    There are too many options, each depending on what you want to visualize, what visualization software you have, and how comfortable you are with writing post-processing scripts. None of the options, however, is just "point-and-click". Please check out http://esd1.lbl.gov/research/projects/tough/software/processors.html for some options.

    It would be great if many members of the TOUGH User Community respond to this post, so we can get a collection of ways to visualize TOUGH2 simulation results!


  • Dear Stefan,

    Can you please tell how did you generate the X1 and X2 values for the INCON block in the r2dl1 file that you provided?

  • Dear Neelotpal,

    The process is described in the last paragraph on p. 109 of the TMVOC manual.


  • Dear Stefan,

    I just realized that the TMVOC executable I'm using was directly obtained from Ron Falta, the original programmer of T2VOC and therefore, I do not have the input files for the sample problems. Can you please share with me the 4 input files for problem 7? I've been trying to recreate them based on the user guide, but keep missing out on the small details such as the subroutine modifications since I'm a very basic user. 

    Thank you.

    - Neelotpal

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