Is there a limitation in the number of grid blocks to be printed out?

Hi- I ran two simulations with different number of grid blocks to be printed out in 'time.out'

The first case with 10 grid blocks had no problem at all but the other one with 100 blocks encountered an error.

Both input files were same except two fields in 'solute.out' (NWNOD in Record #7 and their list in Record #8).

According to 'solute.out', Record#8 has an error as bellow,


 Elements for which to output time series:
 error on input
  last input record starts with  A 1  A 2  A 3  A 4  A 5  A 6  A 7  A 8


but I think there's no problem. It's just the name of cells in 5 characters (including blanks) and was fine in the first case! 

I put 100 grid blocks list in one row. does that make problem?


Thank you.

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  • Jaeshik,

    In TOUGHREACT V3-OMP, there is a limit of 200 grid blocks to print out time information (solute.inp). Maybe 100 in a row is too many. I think the code looks for 15 on a row, then repeated. I rarely use that many, so I will have to check.


  • Thank you Eric, 

    I just tried several cases and confirmed that it works up to 40 grid blocks in my case. And adding 41th grid block in the second row didn't work either.

    I actually wanted to see the concentration profile (snap shot) along the cells in a fixed time and my (aquifer)model has 100 grid blocks in horizontal direction.

    Is there any other way to see this?

    I am also using TOUGHREACT V3-OMP.

    Thank you! in advance :)

  • Hi Jaeshik,

    you can simply define the times of output in the flow.inp file. Then the spatial profiles of the components specified in solute.inp are written in the plot.out and solid.out files (and gas.out). This procedure works, if you know the desired times before running your simulation. Or did you mean something different?

  • Dear Lennard,

    Oh, you're right! that's the format I wanted to see. (Conc. vs. spatial coordinate at specific time)

    I didn't know that <plot.out> also has it in it. (then what is the difference between <time.out>and<plot.out>?)

    In <plot.out>, I could find a lot of concentration profiles over multiple time steps and at the top, it says "at specified times" but don't know when is that specific time point. In this case, <plot.out> has every time steps that I assigned in <flow.out>? 

    Thank you, I might need to reed basics in the manual again.

  • Hi Jaeshik,

    The "plot.out or *.tec file" file is meant to write out the data at every grid block at a relatively limited number of specific times (<=100) for both the flow and chemical outputs. These times are listed in the "TIMES" block in flow.inp. The "time-out" file is meant to write out data at specified time steps not times (e.g., every 1, 10, or 100, .... steps) so that it may write out data 100,000 times or more for a limited number of elements. While it writes out P,T, and other flow variables in addition to chemical data, the file is not written if reactive transport is turned off and only flow is simulated.


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