Radial heat transfer with MOP(15)=5

I plan to simulate fluid flow in a discretized wellbore (discretized with volume elements on a radial mesh) using ECO2M with heat transfer between wellbore and the surrounding formation. Now I found radial heat exchange with MOP(15)=5 in the user manual.

I interpret the user manual that the heat transfer at volume elements is controlled by AHTX from ELEME for MOP(15)=1 and MOP(15)=2.  Does this apply to MOP(15)=5 as well? Is AHTX the surface of the well segment represented by the volume element? Does MOP(15)=5 actually control heat transfer at volume elements or does this option refer to a well model?

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    Hello Jan,

    When you select MOP(15)=5, the elements that have a non-zero AHTX will participate in the radial heat transfer calculation. AHTX is the surface area. The last rock type is where you specify the rest of the properties (e.g., geothermal gradient, surface temperature, heat conductivity etc). You will need to check the manual for details.

    This is not a wellbore model (still darcy flow). You just do not simulation horizontal flow with surrounding formation in this case


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