Gravity equilibrium for case "*r1dv* -- CO2 Discharge Along a Fault Zone" using ECO2N and TOUGH2-MP.

Hi! I have some comments/questions regarding the gravity equilibrium for test case *r1dv* ,section 5.3.1 in the ECO2N user manual page, 39.

Using the ECO2N module and TOUGH2-MP, I tried to set up a gravity equilibrium simulation as described with DLT1=1e3, DLT2=9e3, RE1=1.E-10, for a simulation time of TIMAX=160 years (5.04576E9 secs) (see attached file) used 1400 timesteps, for an actual simulation time of 5.21 years = 0.164321E+09 sec, not 22 timesteps after t=4.72e9 secs = 149.67 years, as in the manual page 39.

The pressure in the bottom grid cell "flt 0" was the same for for both (0.14856E+08 pascal = 148.56 bars).

Reducing RE1 to 1.E-5, TIMAX to  0.01 years=3.1536e+05 secs allowed convergence to grav equil. with pressure in "flt 0" still 148.56 bars after only 3 days.


Any comments on this discrapancy?



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