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I need to track the mass balance of water through a system and pull it out every step to transfer to a reaction modeling code. Can anyone tell me what array/indexing I can use to get the flux across a connection in the source code?


I'm using ECO2n and looking for the total fluid flux (aqueous water + dissolved salt + dissolved CO2).



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    Try to use COFT (no need for a code modification). If you need to customize, check subroutine FGTAB under COFT in file eco2n.f for all relevant indices. In short, the total liquid flux is stored in array





    n is the connection index.

    Hope this helps,


    PS: Alternative: use iTOUGH2, which makes extracting variables across connections or domain boundaries easy; or use TOUGHREACT, which does reactive transport modeling, so there is no need for data transfer between two codes.

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      Stefan Finsterle I was able to use COFT as you suggested (TOUGH3-ECO2M). But the parameters within this file seem to be mass flow rate instead of flux. Two questions:

      1) Does this the flow rate correspond to the mass flow rate from individual element1 to element2, regardless of the size of both elements?

      2) Any tips on how to get the flux for each connection automatically without further manual post-processing? I wonder if the subroutine FGTAB you mentioned is how I should do it. If so, could you elaborate? Can't find further text on FGTAB on the manuals. Thanks!

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    Just briefly:

    (1) Yes, what you see is the flow rate in kg/s (not flux in kg/s/m2), i.e., the same output as you see in the regular output file in the second output block (if you selected KDATA=2). The flow rate is always across the interface between two elements.; it's not the element volume that matters, but the interface area

    (2) If you want to print out flux instead of flow rate, go to subroutine FGTAB and divide the flow rate, variable FLO(), by the interface area, variable AREA(n).

    Good luck!


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