use ENDFI to create mesh before initializing simulation , but how??? tried several combinations.....Mesh file remains empty


hello everyone, I am using TOUGH+Hydrate v 1.5

I bought it from LBNL(executable only)

I think, that for mesh creation, ENDFI must be put in place of ENDCY

now running this, creates mesh file, others as well INCON ALLOC etc and skips the simulation .

but all of these are empty??😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥

I tried several options but none of them produces MESH

I have attached the files, both (One containing mesh, other without mesh)

Please advise and have a look

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  • So I don't run TOUGH+ simulations, but it looks like you have an ENDCY keyword entered before ENDFI in your 'Test_2Qp_without mesh' file.  I'm pretty sure that TOUGH codes will ignore anything in your input files after that.

    In your other file (Test_2Qp) you have the ELEME and CONNE blocks in there, too.  I'm not sure what TOUGH's reaction will be to having those blocks active in addition to an active MESHM block.  Just to be safe, I would deactivate ELEME and CONNE.  The easiest way to do that is to make the first letter of each lower case (i.e., eLEME and cONNE).  That'll get TOUGH to ignore them.  Give those a shot and let me know if they work.  If this ends up being a TOUGH+ specific problem, I won't be able to help you much.

    • Mikey Hannon no...no...i have just attached the files as it is

      i haven't attached to what i'm trying

      plz tell me what changes i should make

    • Mikey Hannon im trying it now

    • Mikey Hannon i made eLEME & cONNE

      and ran the code, it fails to run...even MESH file is empty

    • telegramboy 

      I would try the “without mesh” file first, and either delete the ENDCY line or deactivate it (eNDCY).   You’ll also need to remove any spaces in the file name. Unfortunately, I’m heading away from my computer now.  Let me know how it goes, and I can get back to this either later tonight or tomorrow.

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    • Mikey Hannon Unfortunately, As our Moderator, Mr. Reagan said. internal Meshmaker has been deprecated from tough+, so it's futile to try....when no meshmaker is present internally, unlike in tough .

      so that brings me to the question, How to make those ELEME & CONNE files, because, when I use, Meshmaker v 1.5 it yields a completely different mesh which DOESN'T GIVE SAME RESULTS, by running tough+hydrate....Totally, different results

      I am perplexed again.

  • The domain is described as follows

    its actually a cylindrical system: R=224, Height=10m

    the mesh is to be made in radial directions only. (1-D), no mesh in Z direction

  • For TOUGH+HYDRATE, you need to generate the meshes (ELEME and CONNE blocks) independently, using the separate MeshMaker code, and include them in the input file before the ENDCY tag (or as an external MESH file) . The ENDFI tag (and internal MeshMaker) has been deprecated. 

    For any hydrate case beyond the simplest horizontal 1D cases, you would need to perform separate equilibration runs to generate an INCON block that is in correct P-T-x equilibrium before any production simulation is run, anyway.

    • Matthew Reagan ok..i see... so meshmaker is not included in tough+ code executable...enlightening..for me..thnaks

      just one final question

      I have meshmaker code, i used meshmaker 1.5 as well as tough+webmeshmaker

      But I am unable to make the mesh as mentioned in Test_2QP, these produce different meshes, which do not yield the same results as given by the original Test_2QP

      MESHMAKER1----*----2----*----3----*----4----*----5----*----6----*----7----*----8(Given in Test_2QP File)

          0.0e00    5.0e-2    7.0e-2  
         30          1.0e2    7.0e-2

      This is the mesh which is not reproducible by either Meshmaker v 1.5 or TOUGH+Webmeshmaker (How to make this mesh now???)

      (R-224m, Z=10m) (1-D in Z, DIRECTION)

      ELEME ---    33    4    0   30   0.00000   500.100
      A00 0              17.8540E-021.5708E-02          0.0000E+00          -5.000E+00
      A00 1              17.5398E-021.5080E-02          5.9161E-02          -5.000E+00
      A00 2              15.9133E-011.1827E-01          1.0383E-01          -5.000E+00
      A00 3              11.2955E+002.5911E-01          1.9813E-01          -5.000E+00
      A00 4              12.3990E+004.7979E-01          3.0954E-01          -5.000E+00
      A00 5              14.0954E+008.1908E-01          4.4266E-01          -5.000E+00
      A00 6              16.6675E+001.3335E+00          6.0216E-01          -5.000E+00
      A00 7              11.0527E+012.1054E+00          7.9344E-01          -5.000E+00
      A00 8              11.6272E+013.2544E+00          1.0229E+00          -5.000E+00
      A00 9              12.4770E+014.9541E+00          1.2983E+00          -5.000E+00
      A0010              13.7280E+017.4561E+00          1.6289E+00          -5.000E+00
      A0011              15.5623E+011.1125E+01          2.0256E+00          -5.000E+00
      A0012              18.2433E+011.6487E+01          2.5017E+00          -5.000E+00
      A0013              11.2152E+022.4304E+01          3.0732E+00          -5.000E+00
      A0014              11.7838E+023.5677E+01          3.7592E+00          -5.000E+00
      A0015              12.6097E+025.2195E+01          4.5825E+00          -5.000E+00
      A0016              13.8076E+027.6152E+01          5.5708E+00          -5.000E+00
      A0017              15.5429E+021.1086E+02          6.7570E+00          -5.000E+00
      A0018              18.0546E+021.6109E+02          8.1808E+00          -5.000E+00
      A0019              11.1687E+032.3374E+02          9.8899E+00          -5.000E+00
      A0020              11.6937E+033.3874E+02          1.1941E+01          -5.000E+00
      A0021              12.4521E+034.9041E+02          1.4404E+01          -5.000E+00
      A0022              13.5470E+037.0941E+02          1.7359E+01          -5.000E+00
      A0023              15.1275E+031.0255E+03          2.0907E+01          -5.000E+00
      A0024              17.4080E+031.4816E+03          2.5165E+01          -5.000E+00
      A0025              11.0698E+042.1395E+03          3.0276E+01          -5.000E+00
      A0026              11.5442E+043.0884E+03          3.6411E+01          -5.000E+00
      A0027              12.2284E+044.4568E+03          4.3775E+01          -5.000E+00
      A0028              13.2148E+046.4296E+03          5.2614E+01          -5.000E+00
      A0029              14.6368E+049.2737E+03          6.3223E+01          -5.000E+00
      A0030              16.6867E+041.3373E+04          7.5958E+01          -5.000E+00
      A0031              19.6412E+041.9282E+04          9.1243E+01          -5.000E+00
      A0032              17.5430E+061.5086E+06          2.2363E+02          -5.000E+00

      A00 0A00 1                   15.0000E-029.1608E-033.1416E+00
      A00 1A00 2                   11.0839E-023.3834E-024.3982E+00
      A00 2A00 3                   15.0188E-024.4110E-029.6775E+00
      A00 3A00 4                   15.6743E-025.4665E-021.6014E+01
      A00 4A00 5                   16.6390E-026.6729E-022.3620E+01
      A00 5A00 6                   17.8574E-028.0923E-023.2750E+01
      A00 6A00 7                   19.3486E-029.7798E-024.3708E+01
      A00 7A00 8                   11.1155E-011.1795E-015.6862E+01
      A00 8A00 9                   11.3333E-011.4208E-017.2650E+01
      A00 9A0010                   11.5954E-011.7099E-019.1601E+01
      A0010A0011                   11.9104E-012.0566E-011.1435E+02
      A0011A0012                   12.2890E-012.4724E-011.4165E+02
      A0012A0013                   12.7436E-012.9714E-011.7443E+02
      A0013A0014                   13.2894E-013.5701E-012.1376E+02
      A0014A0015                   13.9448E-014.2887E-012.6098E+02
      A0015A0016                   14.7315E-015.1511E-013.1766E+02
      A0016A0017                   15.6760E-016.1862E-013.8569E+02
      A0017A0018                   16.8097E-017.4286E-014.6734E+02
      A0018A0019                   18.1706E-018.9198E-015.6535E+02
      A0019A0020                   19.8041E-011.0710E+006.8300E+02
      A0020A0021                   11.1765E+001.2858E+008.2421E+02
      A0021A0022                   11.4118E+001.5437E+009.9371E+02
      A0022A0023                   11.6943E+001.8532E+001.1972E+03
      A0023A0024                   12.0334E+002.2247E+001.4414E+03
      A0024A0025                   12.4405E+002.6707E+001.7345E+03
      A0025A0026                   12.9290E+003.2059E+002.0863E+03
      A0026A0027                   13.5154E+003.8484E+002.5086E+03
      A0027A0028                   14.2193E+004.6196E+003.0156E+03
      A0028A0029                   15.0642E+005.5452E+003.6240E+03
      A0029A0030                   16.0784E+006.6563E+004.3543E+03
      A0030A0031                   17.2956E+007.9899E+005.2310E+03
      A0031A0032                   18.7567E+001.2363E+026.2832E+03

  • Matthew Reagan said:
    perform separate equilibration runs to generate an INCON block that is in correct P-T-x equilibrium

     How to do this ??

    I would be grateful, if you can attach a sample for these, it would also benefit the community

  • This is covered in our multi-day training courses. The location of the bottom of the hydrate stability zone is a function of the (hydrostatic) P, T, and hydrate saturation profiles, and the T and S profiles are interrelated due to the thermal conductivity of the hydrate. Typically one performs a series of 1D column simulations until a stable steady-state condition is determined. This is beyond the level of what can be written in a forum post!

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