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I am an absolute beginner and have a very basic question about the required mesh format for TOUGH. Is it possible to use unstructured tetrahedral mesh in TOUCH? I am using GMSH for making the mesh and later I am been using MOOSE (a finite element solver) as the solver but I want to use TOUGH instead. I have also added an image of the typical mesh files I am working with.

I do appreciate any hint.

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    Certainly, this is feasible, and I have attempted it. By exporting the mesh generated by GMESH to a .m file that MATLAB can read, using the node coordinates to calculate the coordinates of the element centers, and calculating distances from the center points to the common faces, etc., one can manually write out a MESH file that TOUGH can read, with the file format specified in the user manual. Of course, there is an even simpler way, using toughio based on Python, which can directly export the .msh files generated by GMESH to formats supported by TOUGH.

    One thing to note is that the lines connecting the mesh centers must be perpendicular to the common faces, which means obtuse-angled triangles cannot appear in non-structured meshes.

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