Problem in 3D LNAPL spillage modelling with TMVOC

Hi friends,

I am simulating problem r2dl in the TMVOC Manual but in a 3D geometry with the domain size of 220m*120m*20m(depth) with the discretization of 51*51*51 nodes.

Phase 1 which is defining the water table is nicely done (see fig 1). For phase two which is LNAPL spillage, I could easily do it for two VOCs. The problem raised once I increased the number of VOCs to three or more. In particular, I get something like figure 2 in output file with no simulations.

I tried extended remedies such as changing the solver, initializing all the nodes as 3-phase elemets etc..

I really dont have any idea where this problem is coming from. Any help is appreciated.

Kind regads


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  • Hi Kaveh,

    It would be helpful to see the bottom of fig2.jpg, i.e., what do you mean by "with no simulation"? Do you run into  a convergence failure, or a hard crash, or it just does not reach your final time?




  • hi kaveh,

    how did you define the water table?

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