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Hi I am new to itough2. I compiled the program and trying to run the sample problems given, but when I run sample 1 problem i am getting an error message

"Error  >> Subroutine <<  Message
      5290  >>> OBSERVAT <<<  ERROR                --> Incomplete TOUGH2 simulation  "

while for sample 3

"Error  >> Subroutine <<  Message
      4545  >>> GETINDEX <<<  ERROR                --> Unknown connection            
      4545  >>> GETINDEX <<<  ERROR                --> Unknown connection   "

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  • Nagasree,

    Sample 1 (specifically Part 1) is most likely okay - just check whether sam1.out is as expected.

    Regarding sam3, please check for the detailed error message in the output file sam3p1i.out to see what the issue might be.

    In general, the summary of error messages at the bottom are just a quick indication of whether any issues arose during a run; always check the full output file for detailed error messages. 


  • Hi Stefan 

    I have checked the output files. In both the files, I have a warning saying that

     *****  WARNING  *****
     * TOUGH2 simulation No.   1 terminated abnormally! Simulation time  : 0.11995836E+03 [day].
     * Most likely cause: Convergence failure following steps that converged on ITER=1                    
     * Will accept    0 more failures before stopping!"

    and error 

    "*****  ERROR  *****
     * TOUGH2 terminated prematurely!
     * Simulation time 0.11995836E+03 [day] was too short, i.e.,
     * run did not reach time of last calibration point at 0.24000000E+03 [day]!"


    I am not sure why the tough2 simulation has convergence error, I am using the same input file distributed in the zip file.

  • Nagasree,

    There is some confusion (probably on my part). In your original question you talked about samples 1 and 3; the output you show now cannot be from these two samples (sample problem 1 wants to go to 600 seconds; sample 3 to 5 years, so 240 days does not make sense for either). I propose we take this issue out of the Forum; please send me your input and output files by email (SAFinsterle@lbl.gov).


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