Problem 4 (*rtp7*) - CO2 Injection into a 2-D Layered Brine Formation. What is the purpose of additional items in FOFT keyword?

Looking at "Problem 4  (*rtp7*) -  CO2 Injection into a 2-D Layered Brine Formation" for the ECO2N module:

The provided input file (INFILE) has the following  FOFT section:

FOFT ----1----*----2----*----3----*----4----*----5----*----6----*----7----*----8
A15 1          sand  .1000E+01 .2000E+01           .5000E+00 .2200E+02-.5000E+00
A1A 1          sand  .3000E+01 .6000E+01           .5000E+00 .5050E+02-.5000E+00
A1G 1          sand  .3000E+01 .6000E+01           .5000E+00 .8350E+02-.5000E+00
A1U 1          sand  .3000E+01 .6000E+01           .5000E+00 .1555E+03-.5000E+00
A1A13          sand  .3000E+03 .6000E+03           .3000E+03 .5050E+02-.5000E+00

However, in the manual only the first item in each record seems to be documented.

From Tough2-MP users guide, I find on page 48:

Introduces a list of elements (grid blocks) for which time
dependent data are to be written out for plotting to a file called
FOFT_P.xxx during the simulation. The file extension xxx is the
identification number of the processor at which the output was

Record 1: Format (A5) (for MOP(14)=0)
 Element name. Repeat for up to 100 elements, one per

Record FOFT.2 A blank record closes the FOFT data block.

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    The items after the element name in block FOFT indeed have no relevance and are ignored. In rtp7, the lines in the FOFT block were simply copied from block ELEME for convenience (I suspect) so that the element location can be readily identified.


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