Non isothermal simulations using ECO2N module

I am trying to run some simulations using TOUGH2-MP and compare the results with TOUGH2.

The simulation runs successfully by TOUGH2 but when I tried to run it with TOUGh2-MP, I get convergence issues and simulation fails to run.

### no convergence in NSIN at * 1890   * for (T, XS, XLCO2) = (102.5102, 0.200000E+00, 0.100000E-05) P00=0.113029E+06
     latest parameters are   PS=-.778998E+08   X2S=0.170500E-01
 +++++++++   CANNOT FIND PARAMETERS AT ELEMENT * 1890   *          XX(M) = 0.267755E+08 0.200000E+00 0.990000E-06 0.102510E+03
 +++++++++ REDUCE TIME STEP AT (  149, 1) ++++++++ ++++++++   NEW DELT =0.273642E-04

But the same file works if I make it a isothermal case. Are there any issues related to non isothermal simulations using ECO2N module in TOUGH2-MP

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    • George_Pau
    • 8 yrs ago
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    Please provide full outputs from both runs. Otherwise, it is not possible to diagnose the problem.  For TOUGH2-MP, you may need to increase MOP(16) to a larger number, like 6 instead of 4. 

    • Nagasree_Garapati
    • 8 yrs ago
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    Thank You George Pau

    By changing MOP(16) to 6 the test problem and uniform grid worked for non isothermal cases, up to temperatures 100°C.

    For non-uniform grid the simulations does not seem to converge even for temperatures less than 100°C and with MOP(16)=6.

    I have attached Non-uniform grid, isothermal and non isothermal input files and 

    RCC3 test problem at temperature greater than 100°C and for non-isothermal simulations.

    Could you please verify the attached non-isothermal cases. 

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