Compare [cumulative CH4(m3) ] from Well_Time_Series vs Hydrate_Info

Hello everyone

I have a very simple problem

Tough+Hydrate (v1.5) : I m trying to compare Methane production from the two sources (i) released from HYDRATE DISSOCIATION  (ii) Total Production at the WELL

For this purpose, TOUGH+HYDRATES writes 2 files namely (1) Hydrate_Info & (2) Well_Time_Series

but the variables written are not the same. 

Hydrate_Info has a column of Cum_CH4_Vol(m3) but Well_Time_Series does not

So if i am not getting output of Cummulative CH4 Volume(m3), then how can i plot these?,

But people have reported in their papers this information, how are they getting this output?....i tried searching the manual but stil can figure out?

the Variables pics from both these files are entirely different. (Pic Attached)

Please help...

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