iTOUGH2-GSLIB grid definition and mapping

Hi. I am using iTOUGH2-GSLIB to generate spatially correlated permeability field. It seems that in case the GSLIB and TOUGH2 grid have different resolutions, the permeability field generated for the regular GSLIB grid is mapped onto the TOUGH2 grid using averaging schemes. I was wondering if I can export the permeability value for each element that has been mapped onto the TOUGH2 grid?

Thank you.


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  • Hi Kue,

    As you know, the permeability field generated by GSLIB on a regular grid is on the file you specified in the GSLIB block.

    The one that is mapped onto the TOUGH2 grid can be found in several places:

    (1) Permeability modifiers are in the output MESH file, Columns 41-50, followed by the coordinates.

    (2) log(permeability) is printed directly to the output file (for some EOSs)

    (3) Set MOP(13)=1, and permeability modifiers are printed to the SAVE file (after porosity)

    (4) Set KDATA=4, and log(perm) can be found along with coordinates and some basic outputs on a *.tec file.

    You may need some postprocessing to  visualize the permeability field (with the exception of option (4)). The availability of each option may depend on the iTOUGH2 version you have, and the EOS module you want to use. It is straightforward to implement any of these options (or a new one - after all, it's just printing out coordinates and permeability) if you have access to the source code.



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