Geo-gridding for TOUGH+

Hi, besides flat cartesian and axis-symmetric radial grids, is it possible to use in TOUGH+ a grid with tilted cells that honor geological dip like the added picture?

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  • yes it is

    • telegramboy How does one describe geological layers with the ELEME and CONNE sections

  • TOUGH+ can use any TOUGH2 meshing tool. It uses the same mesh format.

  • The discretization grid shown honors the shape of geological layers, but it seems it is not an IFDM grid, as the connections between grid nodes are generally not orthogonal to the connection interfaces.

    Spatial discretization grids which at the same time can honor the shape of main stratigraphic layers in sedimentary basins and are conforming to the IFDM, can be built using VORO2MESH  and visualized using TOUGH2Viewer, both developed at the DICMA Dept., University of Bologna:

    - Bonduà et al. (2015). Voronoi 3D pre- and post-processing tools for the modeling of deep sedimentary formations with the TOUGH2 family of codes. TOUGH Symposium 2015.

    - Bonduà et al. (2017). 3D Voronoi grid dedicated software for modeling gas migration in deep layered sedimentary formations with TOUGH2-TMGAS. Computers & Geosciences 108, 50–55)

    Grids built using VORO2MESH were used for simulations of methane and acid gases  migration at the scale of sedimentary basin (Thermodynamics related processes during the migration of acid gases and methane in deep sedimentary formations. Battistelli et al. (2015), TOUGH Symposium 2015 and  Battistelli et al. (2016), Greenh. Gases Sci. Technol. 00, 1–18.


    • Alfredo Battistelli Thanks a lot. I will look into these

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