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I'm running ECO2M to simulate a CO2 injection. If it's possible to inject the CO2 under a pressure/BHP constraint, would it be then possible to simulate the injection initially under injection-rate and BHP constraint simultaneously? And then as the model progresses, would it be possible to automatically proceed with the BHP constraint? Ideally, I would prefer not having to manually restart the simulation before the switch, but any insights on this would be much appreciated!


Thank you so much,


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  • Hi Nur,

    I am not sure what you are trying to achieve. Initially (when an injection starts) a constant pressure with a constant injection rate is not physical. As you can imagine a rate increase for a constant pressure or a pressure increase for a constant rate. However, as time goes on, one will reach a point where you have a rate and pressure unchanged. I sometimes experiment with a constant rate to see what constant pressure it will result in. Maybe that is what you want?


  • Yingqi Zhang Thank you for your insights. What I am trying to achieve is to start with a constant-rate injection and then have the model automatically switch to a pressure-constraint injection once the constant-rate injection cannot be sustained anymore. For example, if you're dealing with a closed system and no sink for the model to accommodate the injection.

    So, I think, to start with, instead of relying on the 600 bar, in which case the simulation will be halted, I am interested in an option where we could assign a different maximum pressure. Afterwards, I am interested in learning if and how we can inject CO2 under a bottomhole-pressure constraint.

    Thank you-

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