T2Well-ECO2N wellbore-annulus modelling

Hello T2well-ECO2n users and advisors

I am a new user of T2well, but familiar with Tough2 and several EOSs. Due to a limited number or limited variation in modelling samples following the code, I wonder if somebody out there having modelled an example of wellbore in combination with annulus in some sort of studies, being “leakage, legacy wells”, “annulus pressure build up” or anything else, that can share with me. This could be regardless of the taken approaches such as numerical or semi-analytical heat exchange, etc.

If so, please add a couple of sentences about the model, it would specially be helpful when not all details can easily be seen within the long arrays of the main keywords eleme, conne, incon.

Thank you  

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    • yqzhang
    • 2 yrs ago
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    Not sure what you are looking for. But maybe you can try to find papers by Lehua Pan, see if they help.


    • Godarzi_K
    • 2 yrs ago
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    Thank you Yingqi, I am sure his publications give a lot of insight and include perhaps the topic I brought up. Just to clarify more, I was looking for a practical example where wellbore and annulus are modeled in an input file for T2Well-ECO2n. 


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