TMT2: GMS file format? Amount of cells in y?

Hi all,

I am working on converting a Visual Modflow generated mesh and flow field into a TOUGHREACT simulation. It looks like Visual Modflow files have a slightly different formatting than the corresponding GMS files, on which the TMT2 pre processor is based. Accordingly, it would be helpful to provide example GMS files, so that files generated Modflow pre and post processors other than GMS could be translated for the subsequent use with TMT2.

Also, I was wondering if TMT2 runs into problem if the maximum amount of cells in y (99) is changed in the TMT2 source file.



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  • Christoph,
    I know for sure that each Modflow pre- and post-processor have slightly different file format. The differences can arise because a number of tricks are used to reduce file size. In most cases with GMS-files it works, but I cannot warranty that it will always work even with GMS (particularly the older versions). I can send you a simple test problem for GMS if you like.

    I am working on a new version that does not have such limitation issues on x, y , z. I have set this limitations because tough2 works best with less than 10,000 cells. I find that it has frequently convergence problems when you get close to 100,000. This is why TMT2 don't handle, for now, numbers of cells larger that 99 in the x and y directions to make translations that are readable in tough2. If you like to work with more than 100,000 cells than I would suggest you to try the versions itough2, toughmp or tough+. If I am not wrong all of these versions work also with 8-characters cell identifier as opposed of 5-characters cell identifier of tough2 and is not that difficult to change the TMT2 code to produce 8-characters cell identifiers with TMT2 (I will include this option as well in the new version of TMT2).

    In the long term I suggest you to get GMS. As a pre- and post-processor (even for ModFlow) it works really well for including geologic modelling and data analysis in comparison to other codes (which I have also use extensively), and is about the same price… Get the GMS "community" free licence and go through all instruction manuals (it takes 3 days or less, but it is worth doing it). Then get a 1-month free licence to test it on your problems and finally take a decision if going ahead or not.
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