GMS complex mesh to tough2 error in result

dear all,

i  have a complex structural model created with gms, and when i use gms export mesh to tough2 option, the resulted mesh does not contain the angle of gravity and cell connections, thus does not consider any gravitational force when i use the mesh.  does anyone had encountered this issue? thanks 

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    • kaisar33
    • 1 yr ago
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    gms unstructured mesh export to tough2 is a bad option, it's a false advertisement... it does not calculate the gravity angle between cells, so unable to usethe exported mesh.  to use GMS for pre-processing only option so far is using the Andrea's  TM2T tool. 

    • HS_Liang
    • 1 yr ago
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    Dear Friends 

    I also have a problem that I use GMS as the pre-processing tool to generate the geological model, but lack of convertion program to convert the grid and material to TOUGH grid and material.  Could you kindly guide me how to do this. 

    many thanks

      • kaisar33
      • 4 mths ago
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       Sorry i did not see the message in time,  first i treid with The GMS official Ugrid  and 3d grid has export to tough2 mesh option, which can export complex mesh to tough2mesh. but it exists the gravity angle calcualtion issues in the created tough2mesh file that i explained in earlier qeustion.  So this Official GMS mesh export  to tough2 is a ill method. Does not work for now.   a working method is mentioned by Andrea Borgia by TT2M tool . you can find this in tough main page or contact Andrea Borgia by email. 

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