Initialization (T2Well)

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I have the following question regarding initialization procedure for simulation using T2Well. I want to simulate the changes at wellhead of a monitoring well that extends to the surface. I have to specify Dirichlet boundary conditions at the uppermost layer (atmospheric temperature and pressure conditions) by increasing grids volume (*10^50 m3) and decreasing nodal distance in z-direction (~10^-9 m). Since I need to monitor the changes at wellhead of the monitoring well, I keep volume and nodal distance for grid cell of the uppermost layer at the monitoring well unchanged. I need to know if this procedure is correct or not.



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  • I think that should work.  You should remove the lateral connections between the monitoring well and the adjacent surface grid blocks that have been given a huge volume, or make sure the permeability is zero.  Probably you have set zero lateral permeability for any depth where the well is cased already, so you may not need to do anything more.  But remember that with upstream weighting, you may get flow across an interface even when permeability on one side is zero, so you might want to set lateral permeability for all your surface grid blocks to zero.  

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