Defining a set of grid block boundaries in radial direction in TOUGH2-ECO2M

Dear all,

I am trying to define several radial distances in my model domain to see the brine influx and gas saturation at several radial boundaries around the injection well. I know that it is possible in "RADII" keyword under "MESHMAKER" block but I can not find the results in the output data. The keyword that I defined is as follows:





                     0.       50.      100.      150.

I would be so thankful if someone help me in this case and show me where to find the results.

Thank you


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  • Ramin,

    Assuming that:

    (1) You have a proper MESHM block (i.e., including LAYER(s)  and an empty line), and

    (2) The MESHM block is properly incorporated into a TOUGH2 input file (i.e., has a title line and ENDFI or ENDCY at the end)...

    ...then the information about element coordinates and interface coordinates etc. can be found in the regular TOUGH2 output file. Moreover, you should consult the resulting MESH file and convince yourself that this is indeed what you wanted to create.

    Good luck!


  • Hello Stefan,

    Thanks for your comment. The MESH and output files look good. I have the coordinates and parameters for each element.

    According to the output, I have some parameters such as P, T, SAQ, SLIQ, SGAS, etc. for each element and time step. I also set up MOP(24)=1 in order to have additional flux data such as FLOF, FLOH, etc. but I didn't get them in my output file.

    I am wondering if I there is anything that I have missed here.


    And as my last question, if it's possible to define different initial conditions for each layer. For example, assigning low salt mass fraction value to a shallow aquifer and higher value to a deeper one (e.g. XNACL=0.15).

    Thank you very much and I look forward to hearing your advise

    Best regards

  • Hello Stefan,


    Fortunately, I got the answer for my first question. I just simply edited "KDATA" under "PARAM" block and changed it to 2 and got all flux data for the elements. I would be so thankful if you could help me with my second question mentioned above.


    Sincerely yours


  • Ramin,

    You can specify initial conditions for the entire model (block PARAM.4), overwrite them by ICs for a specific material (block INDOM), and overwrite those by ICs for individual elements (block INCON), giving you the flexibility to assign any initial condition distribution you want.


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