Circulating same produced fluid

Hi I am using TOUGH2-ECO2N module for CO2 injected into brine filled reservoir. I am trying to simulate where the  produced fluid has to be circulated back into the system.

The produced fluid has a small percentage of aqueous phase and H2O dissolved in gas phase and these fractions change with time. I want to mention the injection fluid to have the same mass fractions as the produced fluid at each time step. 

Is this possible in TOUGH2?

If so could you guide me through the process?

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  • Dear Nagasree,

    Simulating circulation requires that the calculated fluid mass produced from a sink be analyzed (i.e., individual components have to be extracted from each phase and summed up) and then specified as NK  source terms that are dynamically assigned at each time step. Such dynamic sink/source assignments require quite a few changes in subroutine QU - this is not implemented in the standard version of TOUGH2.

    However, fluid circulation (and other dynamic sink/source assignments) has been implemented in iTOUGH2. You can either switch to iTOUGH2 (which can be run in forward mode if you are not interested in its inverse modeling capabilities), or I can send you my version of subroutine QU as a template, based on which you would have to make appropriate code changes in TOUGH2.

    Sorry for the very late reply.


  • Dear Stefan

    I contacted you through email and you did give me the subroutine QU and help me to compile and run successfully.

    I was able to inject the fluid whatever is produced back into the injection well.


    Thank you for your help and reply.

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