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I have been trying to run a restart with surface complexation. First, I get an error like that: "Restart time in INCHEM file is not the same as starting time for flow calculations. timetot= 3.60000  tstart= 3600.0000". In fact, in the two files (flow.inp and INCHEM) time is equal to 3.600e+03. I succeed in restarting by replacing 3.600e+03 by 3600.00 in INCHEM (!?).

Then the initial surface complexation calcs failed. Have you any ideas?



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    • Lennard
    • 7 yrs ago
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    Hi Anthony,

    I did no simulations yet including surface complexation, but it happened several times to me that I forgot to remove the INCON block in the flow.inp file for restart runs. In this case, the current INCHEM data will be read but not the current INCON data. In my cases, this led the simulation usually crash down very fast.

    Concerning the non-identical restart time: I encountered this problem several times, as well, but my simulations continued without any problem. Unfortunately, I could not find out what might be the cause for this difference in restart times.

    Greetings, Lennard

    • Anthony.1
    • 7 yrs ago
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    Sorry for having replied to you so late. And thanks for your answer.

    I do not resolve my problem (but I will try severals other ways to do it). Today I use linear adsorption to overcome this problem although it is not specific to a particular mineral.


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