The question of EXT extracting data from a petrasim output file

Hi everyone

I want to use EXT extracts data from a Petrasim-TOUGH2(Petrasims is a pro&post processor for TOUGH) output file and generates TECPLOT preplot input.The format of Petrasim output file is almost the same as TOUGH output file,But EXT can't extracts anything.I am attaching mesh files and out files here.Please help😁


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    • Stefan_Finsterle
    • 1 mth ago
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    Hi HuHu,

    I just quickly tried it (using EXT downloadable from https://www.finsterle-geoconsulting.com/download) and it worked just fine; see extracted files in the attachment.

    Please note that your mesh seems to be three-dimensional, i.e., Tecplot cannot directly visualize it. If the mesh is structured, change the J=nz, J=ny and K=nx in the header of the file. If it is unstructured, you have to create a new, rectangular zone in Tecplot and interpolate your data onto that new, structured grid (using inverse-distance weighting) to be able to create 3D visualizations in Tecplot.

    Good luck!

      • HuHU_Tu
      • 1 mth ago
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       Thank you so much. I will improve according to your suggestions. Wish you all the best!🍻.

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