How to visualize the results in OUTPUT_ELEME in 2D plot



I would like to know if it it is possible to visualize the results obtained in OUTPUT_ELEME excel file  using toughio in 2D plot. 

Thanks in advance

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  • The easiest way that does not require any Python scripting is to use the command line program (see

    In your terminal or console (not Python IDE such as Spyder), cd to your simulation directory where your OUTPUT_ELEME.csv is located, and run:

    toughio-export OUTPUT_ELEME.csv -t int

    where `int` stands for the time step number you want to export (by default the last time step `-1`). This command will create a VTK file that you can simply drag and drop to ParaView ( for visualization.

    If you want all the time steps in the same file and kind of animate your results, append the option `-f xdmf`:

    toughio-export OUTPUT_ELEME.csv -f xdmf

    You can open the XDMF file in ParaView too.

    • Keurfon Luu I followed your command lines and I can obtain the VTK file and open it using Paraview as shown below, however I find a problem while exporting the results to XDMF file. The following message appears.

    • Refaat G Hashish Can you update h5py?

      pip install -U h5py
    • Keurfon Luu I have updated it, however the problem persists.

    • Refaat G Hashish Not sure what's going on here... After a quick Google search, it seems that others also have issues with h5py with Python 3.8 on Windows, so there is not much I can do on my end...

      I would recommend you to downgrade your Anaconda distribution to Python 3.7 (the one I am using).

  • Keurfon Luu said:
    not Python IDE such as Spyder

     You said that Python IDE such as Spyder can not be used. So which IDE that I can use? Can I use Matlab or Visual studio?

    • Refaat G Hashish Not an IDE. I said a terminal or console such as Windows console, Anaconda Prompt...

    • Keurfon Luu I run the command line, however I find the following error message.

    • Refaat G Hashish Do not run the command in Python. `toughio-export` is a command line script that should be run in a console or terminal (e.g. Anaconda Prompt). Open Anaconda Prompt and run the command, it should work.

    • Keurfon Luu I used Anaconda Prompt as illustrated in the attached photo. The error message indicates that toughio-export is not recogonized.

    • Refaat G Hashish What happen if you install toughio again from Anaconda Prompt?

      pip install toughio --user
    • Keurfon Luu thank you Keurfon for sharing your tools, to answer this question i want to say that the same error rises 

  • Hi,

    I have installed with by cloning despository with github prompt:

    git clone

    then miniconda with command:

    pip install .[full] --user

    then you this message

    WARNING: The scripts toughio-co2tab.exe, toughio-export.exe, toughio-extract.exe, toughio-merge.exe and toughio-save2incon.exe are installed in 'C:\Users\xx\AppData\Roaming\Python\Python38\Scripts' which is not on PATH.
      Consider adding this directory to PATH or, if you prefer to suppress this warning, use --no-warn-script-location.

    you have to add this path in the env. variable.

  • if you install it with conda, add the variable environment in win PATH:


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