T2Well-ECO2M case not running

Hello T2Well user community and superusers of Tough-ECO2xxx,

Would be great if you are interested to look into this case and see the possible source(s) of error.

We have a radial model representing a CO2 injection vertical well (same x-section all along the well) and a saline aquifer reservoir with defined lower, upper and side boundaries. Boundaries are modelled as thin layers with large volumes. All cells have been initialized with a low salinity aqueous phase as in-situ fluid, except wellhead cell. Relative permeability modelled as "linear" and no capillary force included. Wellhead cell has large volume, no residual water saturation and it is initialized with a gas saturation of 1.0.

No overburden formation included and heat conductivity set to -2.0 for all well material, except for the wellhead cell and the last cell that is in contact with reservoir. Another material ID is assigned to this last cell. The solution approach is the constant pressure approach and no Gener or REGFX specified. IE(9) set to 8th iteration (for phase transition window triggering mechanism) and max iteration set to 12. IE(11)=0 means no permeability dependency on porosity.

The input file and a sketch showing the well and reservoir configurations are attached. When running, the model is not able to converge and it is difficult to understand the debugging message where calculated parameters fall out of the table.



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    Dear Godarzi K,
          Hello, have you solved the problem that T2Well-ECO2M runtime is difficult to converge? At present, I have also encountered this problem, which can not be solved by my own ability (a novice who is learning T2Well-ECO2M), which has been bothering me for a long time, may I ask how you solve this problem? I still want to ask you some questions. Can you contact me? Attached is my email address(happy126882024@163.com). Thank you very much!



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