I am putting MOP7=9, which gives me a full printout of Permeabilities in 3 directions, but I would like to have them beside the other parameters (lets say beside the porosity column). Where should I put changes to the code so that it will not print out the perm values at the top part of the results, but instead beside porosity column?




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  • Ramin, 

    I don't know what you mean by "at the top part fo the results", and permeabilities in all three directions are printed in columns right next to the porosity column (which I thought is what you want), but of course you can make any changes you like in subroutine INDATA, which you find in file t2f.f.


    Here is the current format:

          INDEX  ELEMENT MATERIAL         VOLUME              X              Y              Z       POROSITY         PERM-1         PERM-2         PERM-3
              1    IN  0    BOUND    1.00000E+49         0.0000         0.0000         0.0000        0.99000    2.00000E-12    0.00000E+00    0.00000E+00
              2    A1101    SAND     1.00000E-04         0.0000         0.0000         0.0000        0.35000    2.00000E-12    0.00000E+00    0.00000E+00
              3    A1102    SAND     1.00000E-04         0.0000         0.0000         0.0000        0.35000    2.00000E-12    0.00000E+00    0.00000E+00
              4    A1103    SAND     1.00000E-04         0.0000         0.0000         0.0000        0.35000    2.00000E-12    0.00000E+00    0.00000E+00


      • Ramin
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      Stefan Finsterle 

      Dear Stefan, 

      Setting MOP7 = 9 gives me the format you included here, but it is a separate part (near the top of the output file) from other parameters. I want to make changes so that I can get permeability values just beside other parameters.



      • Stefan Finsterle
      • Finsterle GeoConsulting
      • Stefan_Finsterle
      • 3 yrs ago
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      I again have to guess what it is you want to do. I assume now that you want to print the permeabilities (which are input parameters and typically time-independent) next to the time-dependent output variables (i.e., calculated system state) in each of the blocks following the header line that contains "TOTAL TIME". (Note that porosity is printed there because it may change as a function of the output variables P and T, whereas permeability does not, so it would be sufficient to have it once at the top).

      In any case, to print permeabilities in the output block, go to subroutine OUT in file eosX.f (the format of this output block is EOS-specific). Of course, you could also use iTOUGH2's user-selectable output variables in block OUTPU - without having to change the code.



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