Visualize TOUGH2/EOS7C output file

Hello everyone,
What's the best way to visualize TOUGH2/EOS7C output file?
I am wondering if anyone works with "TOUGH2Matlab"?
or any other suggestions to visualize my results..



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  • Hi Sara,

    if you have a structured grid, ParaView (http://www.paraview.org/) can be useful for such visualizations. If you run simulations using PyTough (https://github.com/acroucher/PyTOUGH) you can directly output vtk files, which ParaView can read.

  • Hi JuDi,

    Thanks for your reply. I have a structured grid which I made by WinGridder software and also I have my output file from running the TOUGH2/EOS7C. My files are huge.

    1) Would you please give me more details about "running the simulation using PyTough" to get vtk files for ParaView in my situation?

    2) I also run the EXT.exe (the software to convert the TOUGH2 output files to the format that Tecplot can read) and I got the input files for visualization in Tecplot.
    Is there any way that I can convert these Tecplot files to vtk files to do the visualization by ParaView?




  • Sara,

    let me cite A. Croucher, developer of PyTough here:

    Using PyTOUGH, it is possible to automate the creation and editing of TOUGH2 model grids and data files, and the analysis and display of model simulation results.

    So if you create your grids with PyTough, you can easily visualize results and export mesh & results into vtk format.

    I have no experience with Tecplot. But you could see if you can adjust EXT.exe to write output files that ParaView can read.


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