T2Well in TOUGH3?


I was just wondering if TOUGH3 can be run with T2Well? I have previously modelled boreholes with two feed zones (inlet and outlet) in the T2Well/EOS1 research code modified by Dr Lehua Pan which accounts for vertical flow in both directions (down injection well and up production well). 

However, I see in the TOUGH3 manual that T2Well will be implemented into TOUGH3 at a later date. Is this available to the public? Will TOUGH3 be able to account for upwards wellbore flow (I see ISOT permeability values to be 1, 2 or 3 for vertical and horizontal flow)?

Thanks again, 


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  • Hello Hannah,

    T2Well with TOUGH3 needs more work and currently is not ready to use yet. 

    ISOT may have different meanings for the well rock type and other rock types. I am sure it will allow up upwards wellbore flow once the coupling is ready. But I may have misunderstood your question.


  • Thanks for your reply Yingqi, 


    No you answered my question fine. The T2Well research code I used produced results for this open access paper: https://geothermal-energy-journal.springeropen.com/articles/10.1186/s40517-021-00185-0

    I would like to use these wellbore designs (plus other closed-loop designs) in future papers, hence the question on whether T2Well was ready for TOUGH3, as this is the updated version of the code.

    Do you have a rough timeline on when this coupling will be ready to use? I am a second year PhD student and as long term Academic Collaborators with LBNL, we are ready to increase TOUGH's capabilities and to use TOUGH for joint publications in a peer-reviewed journal!

    Will TOUGH3 account for higher pressure and temperature constraints? I believe in TOUGH2 the temperature constraint was < 350 degrees. Again, I would like to model deep systems that could reach temperatures up to 700 degrees and was wondering if the updated TOUGH code accounted for this? 


    Kind regards,



  • Hi Hannah,

    It is hard for me to provide you a timeline of the TOUGH3-T2Well code. But I can tell you that TOUGH3 does not provide you the temperature range you need. If you go 700 degree you will need to use iTOUGH2 which can handle supercritical water. But iTOUGH2 does not have T2Well in it. You may have to make some difficult decisions based on your need.


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