Tough 2 Questions regarding grid and statics

Hi users,

             I have some brief questions which I need to find an answer too. I emailed the developers but didn't receive a response in the last week. My questions are as follows:

1) Can a Tough2 grid and static properties (porosity, permeability and net to gross) be exported from a post processor as a binary, ASCII or RESCUE file? If so can you recommend one? The client would like to compare the grids built in a geomodelling package from field data with the pre-existing tough 2 model.

2) Is Tough 2 running on finite element or finite difference?


Kind Regards



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  • Stuart,

    1) Static properties can be easily written to a file in the desired format (some of this information is already present in various TOUGH2 output files, but probably not in the format you want). In iTOUGH2 and TOUGH3, any output variables (including static properties) can be user-selected and directly written to a CSV file. Net-to-gross ratios can be extracted from the global mass-balance output, or again easily calculated and printed in the preferred format (assuming you have a source code license).

    2) TOUGH2 uses integral finite differences (also referred to as finite volumes). It is locally and globally mass conservative.

    All manuals describing the TOUGH suite of codes are freely downloadable from http://esd1.lbl.gov/research/projects/tough/documentation/manuals.html.


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